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The concept of a small local “indie” brewery is to provide excitingly different beers that really please the palate of each individual. This is in stark contrast to very large breweries that jostle for position in the middle ground of mediocrity. In 2015, a chance encounter between two beer lovers led to the launch of the promising « Stuff Brauerei » project. Dissatisfied with what beers were available in Luxembourg, we decided to create our own in a small hidden « cave » in Steinsel.

Our Craft


Brewing Process

We take no shortcuts! What you see on the label is what you get. The carefully picked specialty whole grains, the freshest hops and delicate yeasts are what sets our beers apart. Some breweries resort to adding finings, such as isinglass (fish guts), to cut out a process in the production line and reduce costs. We, on the other hand, value flavoursome and satisfying beer, rather than a quick cheap drink. Drink better quality and locally, all guilt is washed away.


Vital Statistics

Our aim is not to throw around trendy stats on product labels and beer descriptions, but rather to help beer lovers to educate their palates and become beer connoisseurs. It’s all about matching the measurable characteristics of beer to your preferences to find that perfect sweet spot for you.


This is a measure of the actual bitterness of a beer that uses the level of isomerisation of alpha acids contained in the hops. IBUs were invented because it was hard to measure how “bitter” a beer is, just like it’s hard to measure how “comfortable” your favourite underwear is… it’s all about individual perception. There is a limit to the IBU, studies have found that taste buds can’t detect bitterness in beer that is over 90 IBUs. Our beer is labelled as honestly as possible. So we avoid misleading you with beers over 90 IBUs.

European brewing convention (EBC)

The EBC colour method was developed in Europe for measuring the colour of malts and beers. 8 EBC being a very light beer and 50 is a very dark beer. This scale does not directly indicate how dense or how cloudy a beer is, nor does it necessarily give an indication of taste. We cover most of the colour range to reveal the typical associated flavours, but we may also surprise you with beers that boggle the mind.


We value organic products !

The delicate flavours of our beers need very specific raw materials to bring out the character you want. Organic products can only help us in this endeavour and we use them whenever they are available.

We care about the planet !

All our waste is recyclable and re-used when possible. Our bottles and kegs are also 100% recyclable ! We willingly pay more for cleaning products that provide perfect sanitary conditions that do not damage the environment. Our raw material waste is given to local farmers and used as natural fertilizer.

Closer to you

As a small brewery we are naturally closer to you, our customer, and we aim to brew beer to your taste. So don’t hesitate to tell us when ordering our beers or when you see us. Likewise, if you want our beer in your favourite bar or have ideas for a new beer in our range.

A Helping Hand

We also like to lend a helping hand in the community, working with local farmers for waste disposal, and obtaining some of our much needed raw materials.

Our beers

We do not inject any CO2 into our beers – all our beers are bottle or keg conditioned to give them their natural sparkle. At Stuff Brauerei, it’s all about giving the top fermenting yeast space and time to work its delicate magic ! We have managed to create beers of all styles, colours and tastes to satisfy as many beer lovers as possible. All feedback is welcome, it can help us help you.




Save the bees, a local collaboration.

This beer is the fruit of a local collaboration to save the bees. We partnered up with Mellis Schnapps to make a delicious brew that will promote the production of honey and the awareness for the importance of bee conservation.

After a lot of trial and error, we made a beer that is blond honey colour with no bitterness. Resembling mead, we made sure it’s not sickly sweet. Strong aromas of Luxembourgish honey.


Use those ugly fruits and work locally.

We love apples and our brewery happens to be located in the most famous village for apples in Luxembourg on rue des Pommiers. This looked like a sign for us to try something tricky like an apple beer. We use only ugly apples that people won’t buy as they don’t look perfect. We wanted to give them a better life.
So we came up with a light golden ale fermented on whole Boskoop apples. Delicious, fruity and with a touch of sour.

The Kropemann will get you!


A local collaboration.

From brewing to aging to drinking. What a great experience! Having met Opyos Luxembourg Dry Gin team two years ago, we decided we could put the best of both worlds together! We came up with a bergamote infused Ambrée that was then aged in Luxembourgish oak that contained Opyos gin beforehand. Make sure you get some before we run out of this 11.5% ABV brew!


A local collaboration. A reminder of what surrounds us.

This beer uses wild herbs handpicked and verified by the head brewer Joe, René Mathieu, Mario from my roots and Stéphane from Terra. The predominant herb is that of ground ivy. A herb that gives a complex minty aroma. It was used centuries ago before the discovery of hops. We brew this beer once a year and you have to be quite lucky to get one. You can find it at the brewery and we try to put some in our famous discovery boxes when in stock. You can also find it for part of the year at “La distillerie”.

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Our Services

Find us in bars and restaurants all over Luxembourg.

Home Delivery

If you feel like offering yourself or your guests something special and don’t have time to make it to the shops. We deliver! You can of course come see us at the brewery if you set an appointment.

Personalised brews and labels

Personalised brews is a service we offer to our customers. Please contact us for more details.


6, rue des Pommiers
L-7344 Steinsel

Antoine: +352-621-377-523
Joe: +352-691-795-867

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